To the Strawberry Festival family and guests,

What do you do in Pasadena, LaPorte, and Deer Park in May?  You put away your pants and replace them with shorts.  Shoes go to the back of the closet and are replaced with sandals and flip fops, and long sleeve shirts are hidden.  You have endured the cold winter month – yes, just one! – and now you are ready to enjoy and play in the sun.  And you go to the Pasadena Strawberry Festival!

The Strawberry Festival has been a part of our Spring for 47 years.  With it, we get to spend quality time with our families or perhaps have a first date.  Cook-off teams come together to enjoy friendly competition and camaraderie.  Mud Volleyball teams are there competing and enjoying the tournament.  Parents bring out the kids to burn off energy at the carnival, or maybe even in Mutton Bustin’, and fill them up with our famous strawberry shortcake, funnel cakes, and cotton candy. The Festival is a part of Pasadena life.

This year the Strawberry Festival is facing headwinds due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  This week the county judge issued a “stay at home” mandate in Harris County.  Our public is going through the same issues that we are as a Festival, and we all have concerns about how long this will go and how much it will impact us and our community.  These concerns are all consuming.  You see it in the grocery store.  You see it on the news.  You see it with closed gathering places like restaurants and bars.  Now you will see it with the Pasadena Strawberry Festival, as well.

The Strawberry Festival has been watching the developments extremely closely since this all began on our shores.  We are determined to remain part of the Pasadena annual experience.  However, due to the situation that we all find ourselves in, we have made the difficult decision that we will not be putting the festival on in May.  We are exploring alternate dates to determine our best next step.  As we move through this next step, we will keep everyone posted.  We love our community and we love putting on this Festival for you.

We are here with you and determined to do all we can to provide you with a break from all this confusion when the current situation has run its course.  Until then we continue to experience this with you and pray for a quick return to a more normal existence very soon.

With love and gratitude,

Dean Ferriegel
President, Pasadena Strawberry Festival