Festival Highlights 2017

2017 Winners


1st Place 45 Cookerz
2nd Place Lil Taste of Texas #1
3rd Place KTO #1


1st Place Smoking Irish
2nd Place Lil Taste of Texas
3rd Place Shell Pipeline Pit Crew #1


1st Place Caribbean Cookers #1
2nd Place Lone Star #2
3rd Place Pig Headed Cookers #1


1st Place Red Dirt Road #1
2nd Place Good’r N’ Hell
3rd Place It’s All Relative #1


1st Place Big Mama #1
2nd Place Ford Cookers #1
3rd Place Kaneka Cookers #1

Special Trophies

2016 Cleanest Area Slingin Meat
Showman-Ship 1st Lost Pit #1
Showman-Ship 2nd Red Dirt Road #2
Showman-Ship 3rd Lost Pit #2

Strawberry Dessert

1st Place Lost Pit #2
2nd Place Lone Star #1
3rd Place Life is Good #2

2017 Scholarships

Tabitha Abraham
Sophia E. Cabrera
Angelica C. Carroll
Janet M. Abou Elias
Alyssa L. Garza
Jaya A. George
Daisy Gomez
Xiomara Gomez
Makenna Havard
Amber Horsley
Marisol Muniz Juarez
Preston J. Kelley
Marissa Martinez
Samantha Ruiz
Kelly M. Tran
Kelly Villarreal
Kelli Wourms

2017 Booth Winners

1st place — Sisters Etc

2nd place — Dana Michelle

3rd place — Tiddies Sandals

2017 Mud Volleyball Winners

1st place — Dirty Dogs

2nd place — Too Much Sauce

3rd place — Mud Hunters

4th place– Wild Mud Dogs

May 18 - 20, 2018 24 Days 8 Hours 38 Minutes 7 Seconds to the Pasadena Strawberry Festival
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