Buzz Berry

In August 2004, members of the Pasadena Strawberry Festival decided it was time for a new addition to their family. They went into family planning mode and budgeted for that addition. With the help of Dixie Flag Manufacturing, their dream of having a sweet little Buzz Berry Was Finally going to come true. We knew all would come to see him would love him. He would be a great help with promoting the annual Pasadena Strawberry Festival at the various functions throughout the year as well as at specified Strawberry Festival functions such as the annual kickoff parade, the Opening Ceremonies and off course, the festival itself.

On March 16th, after much anticipation, the beautiful, sweet addition to the family finally arrived. We could tell at first glance he was going to be a very happy and very active little character. Our speculations were absolutely correct. He proved to be a very successful and most popular member of our festival family and just loves promoting the festival. At each appearance, he drew a lot of attention, allowing the other family members in attendance to speak to the many potential festival visitors about the variety of entertainment, attractions and participant events planned for the upcoming festival.

The Strawberry Festival received local newspaper coverage several times thanks to the attention drawn by Buzz Berry at public venues. He also appeared on our local Fox26 News on opening day of the festival in conjunction with the live coverage of the building of the World’s largest Strawberry Shortcake.

We look forward to watching him grow up and hope to see a Mrs Berry and maybe even a couple of baby Berry’s in his future.

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